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Staff Email - MS Exchange Service FAQ

Q. I have forgotten my password

A. Please ensure you are using your current network login password when accessing your Exchange email account. This is particularly important for staff who have switched to the Exchange service as previously your email password may have been different to your network login password. After switching, your email password becomes the same as your network login password. For assistance changing this password, if you have forgotten it, please use Password Manager. Note that you must have already signed up for Password Manager to make use of this facility.

Q. The correct password is not being accepted

A. The password you use with the Exchange email service is your network login password. This password expires automatically on a scheduled basis. Please see the page on password expiry for further information.

Q. I am having problems sending\receiving an attachment

A. For security reasons certain file types are blocked. There is also a data file size limit on how large any email can be. See our email restrictions page for further information.

Q. I am not receiving emails that have been sent to me

A. This can sometimes be caused by the Junk Email settings being too strict. All College email is filtered through Forefront Online Security for Exchange, or FOSE, which filters SPAM and email infected with viruses before it arrives to the end-user's email application. To that end it is not necessary to set your local Junk Email settings to be strict.

In Outlook 2007 the following settings are recommended:

  1. From the main menu choose Tools - Options - Junk Email
  2. Under '...level of protection...' you should choose Low or No Automatic Filtering
  3. Ensure that the checkbox 'permanently delete junk email instead of moving to junk mail folder' is not ticked, otherwise if a legitimate email is identified as Junk Email it will be deleted automatically

Q. I have deleted an email from the Deleted Items folder - is there any way to recover it?

A. Yes, it is possible to recover items deleted in the previous 14 days. Log into OWA and choose 'Options' at the top right and then choose 'Deleted Items' from the list on the left. You will be presented with a list of items that may be recovered. To recover an item first click on it to select it and then choose 'Recover to Deleted Items folder'. You can then navigate back to your Deleted Items folder, click on the Mail category on the left first, and move the recovered item to another folder if required.

Q. What are the differences in features between MS Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA)?

A. This is explained on Microsoft's website, see their feature comparison page.

Q. What features area available in the Internet Explorer version of Outlook Web Access (OWA Premium) compared to the light version (OWA Light) used in web browsers other than Internet Explorer?

A. This is outlined on our Outlook Web Access page.

Q. I am receiving messages that I am running out of storage space and I would like to increase the 1GB quota

A. Requests to increase a user's quota on the server can not be accommodated and so each user is strictly limited to 1GB. For more information regarding checking your quota and keeping under it please see our web page on the Exchange server email quota.

Q. In Outlook I am often asked if I wish to 'Allow this website to configure server settings?'

A. If you get the prompt below you should check the box for 'Don't ask me about this website again' and then click 'Allow'.

Allow Server to Set Settings

Q. I would like to change the way my name appears in emails I send from my Exchange account.

A. It is necessary to contact Human Resources to have your staff record updated. Where you wish to have a non-personal account name changed you do not have to contact Human Resources but instead contact the IS Services Helpdesk.

Q. In Entourage I receive an error 'Unable to establish a secure connection...' but can click OK and send/receive email correctly.

A. This is a known issue with Microsoft Entourage 2008 and is resolved by installing the two updates linked two below. Both updates are required.
Install Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Service Pack 1 (12.1.0)
Install Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Service Pack 2 (12.2.0)

Q. I have configured my Blackberry Desktop Manager software to sync with my Exchange mailbox but I am not receiving calendar updates, although contacts and tasks are being synced.

A. On the Blackberry click on the menu button (the button with the square dots, usually to the left of the roller) - choose 'Options' – 'Advanced Options' – 'Default Services' and ensure that the 'cical' and 'cmime' fields are referring to your College email address in the form and not another email account such as a non-TCD email account.

Q. I have configured my Blackberry as per the instructions but am not receiving any email.

A. One item to verify with the service provider is that the data plan for your phone has been enabled.

Q. How can I delete all my calendar entries and other data from my Blackberry?

A. Connect your blackberry to your computer and launch your Blackberry desktop software. Click the Backup and Restore button. A list of databases will be displayed under the device databases section, choose the Calendar option and click the Clear button. This same method can be used to clear down the address book contacts, memos and tasks.

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