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Staff Email - adding Outlook profiles

Where a member of staff already uses Outlook to check their personal email and needs to check a non-personal email account they may add a second profile in Outlook. Using this method it is not possible to check both email accounts at the same time in Outlook. When you launch Outlook you are prompted to choose which profile you wish to work with.

If you do wish to be able to check both accounts simlutaneously then one option is to use Outlook Web Access (OWA) which can be left open at the same time as the personal email account in Outlook. It is also possible to have multiple accounts displayed in the same profile in Outlook 2010 on PC.

If you wish to setup multiple profiles in Outlook 2007 (PC) or 2011 (Mac) please follow the steps below.

Configuring Multiple Profiles in Outlook 2007 or 2010 on PC

The instructions below assume that Outlook has already been configured for your personal email account. If you have not already done this please follow our Outlook configuration instructions to first setup your personal account, before returning here to create the second profile for the non-personal account.

  1. Close all applications, including Outlook
  2. Choose Start - Control Panel
  3. Choose the Mail control panel
  4. Click the Show Profiles button

    Mail Setup - Outlook

  5. Click the Add button to add a new profile


  6. Enter a Profile Name for the non-personal email address and click OK

    Profile Name

  7. By default the Add New E-mail account window will open and list the personal account you are logged in as - this is not desired in this case. Tick the box beside the Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next.

    Manually Configure

  8. Under Choose Email Service select the Microsoft Exchange option and click Next
  9. Enter the Microsoft Exchange server name -
  10. Use Cached Exchange Mode should be ticked
  11. For User Name enter the 4-8 character username of the non-personal email address
  12. Click Next

    Exchange Server Settings

  13. You will be prompted for the username and network login password of the non-personal email account. Enter the User name in the form COLLEGE\username.
  14. For Password enter the network login password for this account. You should already have been advised by IS Services to call into the Helpdesk with your College ID card to retrieve the network login password for this non-personal email account.
  15. Check the box beside Remember my password
  16. Click OK

    Password Prompt

  17. Click Next
  18. Click Finish
  19. Ensure that Prompt for a profile to be used is selected, so that when you launch Outlook you can choose which profile you want to access, whether it be your own personal email account or the non-personal email account. Click OK

    Prompt for Profile

  20. You have now setup a separate profile for the non-personal email account. To test the non-personal email account settings launch Outlook and select the new profile when prompted. You may get a pop-up window regarding autodiscovery, click the Allow button. You can now test the account settings by sending an email from this non-personal address. Open a new message and send it to your personal email address. Then close Outlook and reopen Outlook, this time choosing your personal email profile and check have you received the test email from the non-personal email address.

Configuring Multiple Profiles in Outlook 2011 on Apple Mac

  1. Close all applications
  2. Launch Outlook 2011
  3. From the main menu choose Outlook – Preferences
  4. Choose Accounts
  5. To add a new profile click on the plus + symbol at the bottom left of the screen

    Add account

  6. Enter a reference name for this account beside Account description:
    Enter your Full name
    For E-mail address enter your College email address in the form
    Ensure User Name and Password is listed beside Method
    For User Name enter your College username in the form college\username
    For Password enter your network login password
    Untick the Configure automatically option
    For Server enter

    Account settings

  7. Click Add Account. It may take up to 30 minutes to download your email from the mail server depending on how much mail you have. Note the green icon next to your account. An orange icon indicates a connection problem.

    Accoutn status

Last updated 16 January 2014 Website Comments and Feedback (Email).