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MyZone - Student Email, Calendar & Data Storage - Hosted by Google


MyZone Service Outline

College email for students is available via an online service, called MyZone, available from any computer with internet access at This MyZone service operates as a centralised login point to allow students access their College email and other services such as a calendar and data storage. With MyZone, College students are able to retain their College email address for life. The MyZone email service is similar to Google's Gmail service and so offers many benefits including roughly 30GB data storage space. For the latest up-to-date particulars please see Google's terms of service.

Set your Password

If you haven't done so already, then please note that new students must set their own password for before being able to sign-in to MyZone. You'll need to know your username and initial network login password, provided in an Intray Message at once you complete online registration. Once you're ready to set your password please visit and click the Set Password link. Enter your username and initial network login password and then you'll be able to enter and verify a new password.

& Access Email, Calendar and Data Storage

  1. Browse to As the MyZone website is external to College (it is hosted by Google) you may be prompted for your College username and network login password when you attempt to browse to

  2. When you reach the main MyZone page you can then sign in to MyZone, via the 'Sign in' link at the top left of the page. You will then be brought to Google's Sign in page where you need to enter your College email address in the form, and your MyZone password. If you have not signed into MyZone before then please note that you must have set your own password before being able to sign in - see the Set your Password section above.

  3. Once you have signed in successfully for the first time you will need to accept Google's terms of service. You will then be brought to your email inbox. You can access other services such as calendar and data storage (Drive) via the links at the top left of the page.

Drive - Data Storage

The Drive service allows you to create new documents and upload data files for storage in your MyZone account. The capacity of this online data storage location is being increased to 30GB and as it is part of your College MyZone account it means you can access any files stored here from any computer with internet access via  As you retain your MyZone account when you finally leave College, files uploaded to this Drive area will also remain available to you when your time in College ends.

  1. Once you have signed in to MyZone successfully you will be able to access this service via the Drive link at the top left of the screen. This brings you to the main Drive screen. There is also a shortcut to this available on the desktop of the College comptuer room PCs and Macs - MyZone Storage.

  2. Towards the top left of the main Drive screen you will see the options to Create, to create a new document, and Upload, to upload files into your storage area. If you hover over any existing file and choose Actions on the right you can view, edit, share or download that file.

  3. If you wish to upload files into your Drive area then, after choosing Upload (the button beside the Create button), choose Files and you can then browse to and select the relevant file(s) you wish to store online.  If prompted then note that it is recommended to uncheck the option to Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs formats.

IS Services do not provide support or training for documents created using the Google docs format, however if you do use these formats it is worth noting that you may upload thousands of Google-formatted docs and they will not use up any of your storage allocation

Further information and assistance in using the Drive service is available via Google's Drive Help web pages. This information is also available via the Options icon at the top right of the Drive window.

Getting Help - Current Students

The answers to several common queries are outlined in our MyZone FAQ. If you need assistance in using the email, calendar, Drive and other facilities please refer to Google's learning centre, which can always be accessed via the Help link at the top of the screen when logged into MyZone.

If you are a current registered student and need assistance with MyZone password problems or technical email issues please contact the IS Services Helpdesk.

It is important to note that the IS Services Helpdesk is not in a position to assist with mobile device configuration issues, nor in the use of standard Gmail accounts or other Google services such as Google Chat or Google Sites.

MyZone is provided via Education Edition Google Apps and we encourage TCD students to follow College's policies and guidelines regarding Data Management when working with intellectual property or any form of TCD Confidential Data in Google Apps. Appropriate Use of the Trinity College Dublin Google Apps Education Edition Services are provided for information.

Getting Help - Past Students

If you are a past student i.e. no longer a registered current student in College, support for the MyZone service is only available from the TCD Alumni Relations Office and not from IS Services. You may contact the TCD Alumni Relations Office at +353 (0)1 896 2088.

TCD email for life is a privilege granted by the College and not an automatic right. The College, as the owner of the trademark TCD, retains, at its sole discretion, the right to withdraw email for life privileges.

Google Apps Status Dashboard

As the MyZone service is provided by Google it can be affected by any global issues concerning Google Apps such as Gmail. The Google Apps Status Dashboard highlights current issues and expected resolution times.

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