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Saving your data

When working in the College computer rooms you may save your work temporarily onto the computer you are working on. However, once you log off that computer any files saved to it may be autmoatically removed. For that reason it is important, before logging off, that you copy your data elsewhere, as outlined below.

MyZone - Drive facility

All College students are provided with an online data storage facility, called 'Drive', as part of their MyZone account. Here you can store up to 30GB of data and can access it from any device with internet access. More information on using this service is available on our MyZone web page.

Personal Filestorage folder

All students are also provided with a Personal Filestorage folder which can store up to 100MB data and can be accessed from any College computer. This is ideal for short-term storage when using the facilities on campus.

Removable media - USB key

In addition to saving your data into your MyZone account or Personal Filestorage folder, it is also important that you save a second copy of any important work to removeable media such as a USB memory stick.

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