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Personal Filestorage Quota

If you exceed the 100MB Filestorage limit, your use of network resources will be restricted. The degree of restriction will be determined by the platform(s) you use ie. PC or Mac. This quota is separate to your email quota.

On PCs the most common indicator that you have exceeded filestorage quota is that when you try to save a file to your filestorage you will get an error regarding available space.

On Macs when you try to save you get an error "The folder "username" could not be opened because you do not have enough access privileges".

If you use PCs alone, you can manually bring yourself under quota by deleting large files or copying them onto a disk. All network facilities will be immediately restored, so there is no need to call to the Helpdesk.

If you use Macs or a combination of PCs and Macs, you may not at present be able to bring yourself under quota, you must contact the Helpdesk to have the permissions on your storage reset.

Filestorage Maintenance Tips

The main source of Filestorage space problems are with multimedia files such as images, sound and video clips. It is a good idea to minimize the amount of such files in your Filestorage by regularly copying the largest files onto zip disk or memory stick and then deleting them from Filestorage. To list your files in order of size:

  • On PC: Open your Filestorage, click View - Details and then View - Arrange Icons By - Size
  • On Mac: open Filestorage Folder, click View, As List

Remember that you may have crucial academic attachments, such as lecture or research notes. These should be deleted or moved only as a last resort.

The following file types are the ones you should start removing first (having made sure you have a copy on disk or you no longer need them): Application, JPEG Image, GIF Image, Movie Clip, Video Clip, Audio Clip. Also keep an eye out for duplicate copies of files e.g. you may have several versions of the same file in different stages of progress.

How to Check How Much Filestorage Space is Being Used

On PC:

1. Double Click Filestorage icon on the desktop
2. On the lefthand side there is a "pie chart" indicating your space used and available.

On Mac:

1. Open Filestorage on the desktop
3. Click File
4. Get Info
5. General Information
6. Look at the Size

Last updated 6 May 2011 Website Comments and Feedback (Email).