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FTP – File Transfer

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an easy way to exchange files between computers on the internet. FTP is commonly used to transfer webpage files from their creator's computer to the web server. This is often referred to as 'uploading'. FTP is also used to 'download' data to your computer from other computers on the internet.

Supported FTP Software

IS Services provides support for FileZilla on PC and Mac and SSH Secure Shell for PC.

FTP Proxy - access to external FTP servers

In order to permit FTP access to computers outside of the College network an 'FTP proxy' server is in place. Users wishing to FTP to computers outside College must authenticate themselves on the FTP proxy server before connecting to the external computer. Your FTP proxy username is your College username and your password is the same as your network login password.

The application supported by IS Services to work with the FTP proxy server is FileZilla. See our web page for further information on how to install, configure and use FileZilla for PC and Mac.

If, for academic reasons, a different third party application needs to be used please contact the IS Services helpdesk for configuration assistance.

Secure FTP & FTP to College Web Server

Some servers can only be connected to via a Secure connection which transfers the data in an encrypted form. Applications such as Host Explorer do not offer such a facility and so it is necessary to use an application such as SSH Secure Shell to connect to a secure server such as the College web server.

Please note that users wishing to FTP web pages to the College web server must have a webauthor account and should use either SSH Secure Shell, FileZilla or Dreamweaver to transfer the files onto the web server. Any Secure FTP client compliant with the SSH2 protocol may be used to FTP files to the web server but IS Services will provide support only for those mentioned above.

Additional External Access

Staff, and postgraduates in College offices and labs, who require additional access to external, non-TCD servers should refer to our web page on requesting access to additional external internet services.


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