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Generic proxy settings - College offices and labs

The information on this page is for staff and postgraduates connected to the teaching and research network in College offices and labs. For those using the TCDconnect service please see our information regarding TCDconnect proxy settings.

For those using the wired network in College offices and labs, it should not be necessary to enter proxy settings for any application, as explained on our page regarding internet access from College offices and labs. However, in certain circumstances exceptions may be required and so below are listed the generic proxy settings which you can use for applications that require internet access.

It is worth noting that sometimes, for security reasons, initially it may not be possible to use some internet applications which do not use standard protocols. Exceptions can be made, where technically possible and if access is required for College work. Please see our page on requesting additional external internet access.

Automatic proxy configuration URL

If the application you are configuring accepts an entry for 'Automatic configuration script' or 'Automatic proxy configuration URL' or something similar, then please try entering the following:

Automatic proxy configuration URL:

Manual proxy settings

If the application you are configuring does not accept an entry for an automatic configuration script then please try the following manual proxy settings. Note that depending on the application you may only need to specify some of the items listed below e.g. server name and port.

Proxy type: HTTP
Proxy server name:
Port: 8080
Username: College username
Password: Network login password

Last updated 7 June 2012 Website Comments and Feedback (Email).