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SSH Secure Shell Configuration

We recommend, for ease of reference, that you print these instructions before proceeding.

Connecting to the College web server and transferring files using SSH Secure File Transfer

Once you have installed SSH Secure Shell you can then begin to transfer files to and from the College web server using the SSH Secure Shell File Transfer Client For Mac users IS Services recommend FileZilla.

  1. On your own machine you can launch the application either via the desktop shortcut or via Start – Programs – SSH Secure Shell – Secure File Transfer Client. It is then best to maximize the Window to ensure you can see the full location boxes as highlighted below:
  2. SSH Location Boxes

  3. To configure the connection to the web server choose File – Connect. Enter for the 'Host Name'. If working with the tcdlife server you would enter here. Then enter your College username for 'User Name' and choose Connect.

  4. You will then be prompted for your webauthor password. If this is not accepted then your webauthor password may have expired. See our page on how to check if your webauthor password has expired.

    Once your password has been accepted you will note that the right hand side of the screen displays your ‘home’ folder on the web server e.g. /home/u/username and the left side displays the folders on your Local computer.

  5. The next step is to display the folders you will want to copy files to and from. To display the correct 'Remote Folder' on the web server choose Operation on the menu bar and Go to Folder. Enter the path of the web site you are working on in the form / e.g. /

  6. You should then browse on the left side to the appropriate 'Local Folder' that will contain your web pages on your computer.

    You can add these folder locations to a list of ‘favourites’ that can be displayed by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the location box. Simply click Add beside the folder location box.
  7. SSH Add Location

  8. You can now copy files to and from the web server by dragging and dropping them from one side of the screen to the other.

  9. To retain these settings you can setup a 'profile'. From the main menu choose File - Profiles - Add Profile. You are asked to specify a profile name - do so and click Add to Profiles.

    The next time you launch SSH Secure File Transfer Client you can choose this profile from File - Profiles. You should be prompted for your webauthor password and then to see the correct folders simply click the drop-down arrows beside the Add buttons, and choose the appropriate folder location.

Last updated 16 January 2014 Website Comments and Feedback (Email).