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IS Services Projects Office (ISS PO)

The Information Systems Services Projects Office (ISS PO) was established in 2009 and has two main purposes:

  • to manage the programme of projects and Continuous Service Improvements (CSI) initiatives for which IS Services is responsible, and
  • to oversee individual projects and individual Continuous Service Improvements (CSI) initiatives being carried out by IS Services.

The purpose of the ISS PO in relation to the programme is to

  • manage the programme of work, comprising all projects and Continues Service Improvement (CSI) initiatives being undertaken by IS Services;
  • manage new requests for projects submitted to IS Services by College stakeholders;
  • manage the pipeline of project requests submitted to IS Services;
  • conduct initial prioritisation of projects in the pipeline for the information of the Projects Management Board;
  • promote good practice in project management, and
  • ensure that appropriate quality assurance activities are carried out where appropriate.

The purpose of the ISS PO in relation to individual projects and CSI initiatives being carried out in IS Services is to ensure that they

  • are properly initiated, planned and managed;
  • use approved project management and reporting systems and tools;
  • use approved and appropriate methods and approaches for project execution;
  • ensure coordination of effort across all groups in IS Services and with external participants and stakeholders;
  • have adequate resources assigned to them for the duration of the project or initiative;
  • have adequate budget assigned to them for the duration of the project or initiative;
  • are carried out in accordance with the agreed schedule;
  • manage variations where they occur and advise stakeholders;
  • have all project benefits tracked and monitored;
  • report formally every fortnight on project progress, achievements, obstacles, milestones, budgets, risks and issues.

To support the above purposes, the ISS PO has introduced an enterprise project management system, supporting technologies and a project management framework. The project management framework comprises policies, procedures, templates, standard documents and checklists, which are designed to assist clients, project managers and stakeholders in programme delivery and project execution.

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