Your TCD email account

Initially staff are issued with a College email address that is based on their computer username e.g. You can request a ‘long email address’ in the format The long email address for Josephine Bloggs, for example, would then be

The email service for College staff is delivered on the Microsoft Exchange 2007 platform. Features of the Exchange service include a 2GB (2000MB) email storage quota, access to the Global Address List (GAL) of all College staff and a user-managed shared calendar service. Using the Exchange service you can also access your College email, calendar, tasks and contacts from mobile devices including the iPhone.  

Many staff choose to use the online client, Outlook Web Access (OWA), as their primary means of accessing their College email. The web address to remember is

If you wish to use a desktop email application IS Services provide support for Outlook on the PC and Mac.

For further details on the staff email and collaboration service please view our main web page outlining the email service for College staff.