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Information for New Staff

These pages are designed to guide new members of staff through the range of computing and other services available through IS Services. Further information on the topics outlined below is available via the relevant links.

Username & password

When you collect your staff ID card from Human Resources you will also receive your computer account username and password. At this point your standard set of computer accounts have already been set up and you can use your College email account, login to the College computer network and access the internet, including web pages exclusive to registered College staff and students.

Your username and password act as a 'passport' to the various services such as e-mail, the College network and the internet. Initially you receive a single password. For security reasons you need to know how to change this password and how this affects access to the different services.

Connecting your computer or mobile device

If you have already been allocated a computer in your office that was previously used by another member of staff then there are a number of important steps you need to take to get set up on a pre-owned computer. Alternatively, your department may purchase a new computer. Once your new computer has arrived you'll need to get connected to the College network. If you have a mobile device please see how to connect it to the Wi-Fi service for mobile devices.

TCD email account

You have a number of options as to how you send and recieve messages using your College email account. For staff IS Services provides support for MS Outlook, and MS Entourage, in addition to the online OWA (Outlook Web Access) service.

IT facilities for teaching

IS Services provide a number of facilities for teaching. These include the College Computers Rooms, computers and audio-visual equpiment in lecture theatres and facilities on the College network for the distribution and collection of course work.

IT security

As a user of College IT facilities you have a responsibility to ensure your computer remains virus-free. IS Services have systems in place to defend College computers against attack by viruses. These systems are part of a wider IT Security policy.

IT & accessibility

College staff should be aware of the requirements of students and staff with a disability and make note of the accessibility requirements outlined on the Disability Service web pages. All staff should be aware of the online resources created by Disability service/CAPSL and also the Online Self-Evaluation

IT training resources

In the training resources area you will find links to several training resources for various computer applications, specifically designed to meet the training needs of College staff and students. For example, there are podcasts and other training course materials you can download and cover in your own time. If you wish to attend one of the IT training courses for College staff and postgraduate students please refer to the training course schedule before submitting a course booking via the training course registration form.

TCD web systems

The TCD web systems consist of internal web-based systems. Different users, depending on their roles in College, can access an appropriate subset of these systems. For example, academic staff will wish to use the Research Support System (RSS) to maintain their CVs, Publication, Research Interest and other information.

IS Services Helpdesk

Finally, the IS Services Helpdesk is the point of contact between the user community in College and our department. The Helpdesk deals with all kinds of queries, from simple questions through to detailed IT advice as well as handling requests for service.

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